A Tribute to
Albert Krummenoehl

I would very much like to thank Rita Guadiera, the daughter of Albert, for allowing me to share his story with those who are interested in military history.

Who was Albert Krummenoehl?
Albert Krummenoehl was a sailor in the German Navy of World War 2. As were so many men, he was impressed into service, as his country was at war. Whether he wanted to, or believed in the cause, he served honorably from 1940 to 1945. I had the good luck to come into contact with his daughter, and she shared a great wealth of information with me about her father, for which I cannot express how grateful I am. History is best learned by meeting with those who took part in it, and their direct descendants.

Albert served for the most part in the Mediterranean. North Africa, Greece, Crete, that area. His daughter (Rita) says she heard him speak once or twice about ferrying refugees out of what was then Prussia in the closing days of the war. Sadly, no records of his remain to shed any light on this.

Albert won a number of decorations during his service. He was awarded the Iron Cross, both second and first class. As a result of a number of shipping operations, he was awarded the War Badge for Minensuch-, U. Boots-Jagd-, and Sicherungsverbaende. (Roughly translated: Minesearching, Submarine Search, and Security Brigade). Additionally, he received the Wound Badge in Black, for a wound to his leg. Finally, he was awarded the "Kreta" armband for his participation in that operation in 1941.

He was twice on boats that were sunk; the first, on July 7 of 1941, near Kythera Greece, by the British submarine Torbay, and again in 1944 by a bomb attack on his boat. In the photo album I received, it has a picture of an unnamed comrade who wasn't so lucky... after swimming for hours with a chest wound, he drowned 200 meters (approx. 250 yards) from shore. Such are the tragedies of war.

I've added pix here from Albert Krummenoehl's photo album. By no means all of them, but a number I felt might be interesting. Also, his Iron Cross decorations, the very ones he won -and wore- during the Second World War. A number of documents are here also.
This is what makes my new hobby interesting for me. Anybody can buy medals from numerous websites; but what's a medal without the story, the history, the man (or woman) behind it?

I hope you enjoy the page. Feel free to drop a note, let me know what you think.



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